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J.L. Ross

Someone Who Knows
What if the life you led had been normal...Until one day you could see through the eyes of a killer?

He had a thirst, a need so strong to take and taste and destroy. The demon inside helped him quench that thirst often. But someone has taken that privilege from him. For that, he has undertaken a new journey, a destiny that presented itself in the form of a pretty redhead...the one who had taken his life from him. Now he'll make her pay by taking hers.

Sera Delaney learns of the darker side of the world after her mother is slain. Her death opens a door in Sera’s mind, an unseen portal that terrorizes her with visions of violent murders. Dismissing the visions as nightmares, she attempts to get on with her life as a Stanford medical student… until she finds a picture of one of the faces that has haunted her– a young girl who has been murdered, exactly the way Sera had seen in her dream.

Adam Wallace had recently been made a widower and knows grief and pain unlike anyone else in his life. A chance meeting between Sera and Adam leads to an understanding and a friendship more valuable to each of them than any other.

The police believe the murders are the work of a copycat. Sera fears she's going mad. Adam feels powerless to help her. Yet the killer continues to draw nearer to Sera with each passing day-for she is the ultimate prize.

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Available November 20 from ArcheBooks, December 11 from and


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