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J.L. Ross
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About The Author

"There is no end.  There is no beginning.  There is only the infinite passion of life."  Fellini

J.L. Ross was born and raised in Southern CA, with brief stints in Walnut Grove, MN and Brookings, SD but the lure of the oceans and beauty of the mountains of California won out.

She started writing in grade school and finished her first hand-written novel in her freshman year of high school. As a sophomore, "Someone Who Knows" was started as was a child and a few years after that was the introduction of one last child. Life temporarily put off writing, though the stories never stopped budding. After getting her first computer several years later, writing was picked back up and so was "Someone Who Knows".



Now with her first novel published, J.L. Ross has started her second "But Fear Itself" which will be finished sometime this year.

Someone Who Knows
December 11 Release
But Fear Itself
coming soon!

What a job!

"How many people can truly say they are doing what they'd dreamed of doing their entire life?  Not many.  I'm blessed to be able to create everyday.  There wasn't a time when I wanted to do anything else!"


Favorite Books/Authors:

Dean Koontz, Mary Higgins Clark, John Saul, James Patterson
Guilty Pleasures: Nora Roberts!!